The first viable, proven alternative to salt water softeners.

Next™Scale Stop is a superior water softener alternative. Its breakthrough technology has produced the first effective chemical-free scale prevention method. Using Template Assisted Crystallisation™ (TAC) technology, Next™Scale Stop converts hardness minerals into harmless, inactive microscopic crystals.


  • Complete scale protection for boilers, water heaters and more
  • No salt, chemicals or electricity required
  • No backwash water waste
  • Long lasting media, not consumed by the reactions
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Treated water remains potable

Organisations already using TAC

Benefits over water softeners

Water softeners are becoming increasingly expensive to operate and there are serious concerns over their negative environmental impact. This relates to both the amount of water required for regeneration, through to the excessive brine water that contaminates the water ways.

Many countries are now banning salt-based water softeners due to their negative impact on the environment.

The Next™ Scale Stop TAC filter does not have these limitations and is the first proven, viable alternative to water softeners.

Next™Scale Stop Water Softeners
Water Wasted None Thousands of litres per day wasted in regeneration and backwashing at significant cost.
Electrical Energy Consumption None Constant consumption
Health Retains healthy minerals Removes healthy minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Iron etc)
Environment No negative impact Brine discharge contaminates ground water and increases TDS in sewage
Effectiveness 99% scale prevention Varies, depending on maintenance
Physical size Compact, easy to fit, minimal pipework Bulky, must accommodate salt storage and requires constant access
Maintenance Virtually none Constant salt replenishment required.

Next™Scale Stop vs Water Softeners Video

Evaluation of Alternative to Domestic Ion Exchange (TAC)

“The new 1400+ room Marriott Marquis at the Washington DC Convention Center has a TAC™ system installed to condition the hot water there. In California where there are very strict sewer and water restrictions, TAC™ is the only water-conditioning system that is acceptable to MI A&C Engineering.The TAC™ system is the perfect system for hotel applications, and it is strongly recommended by MI A&C Engineering here at Marriott HQ.”

– Lawrence P. Frey, Senior Corporate Director of Engineering, Marriot International.

Will Next™ Scale Stop save energy?

Yes it will. A scale free heating system is significantly more efficient than one with scale present.

  • Does Next™ Scale Stop release anything into the water?

    No, Next™Scale Stop simply starts off a catalytic process of creating micro crystals of scale, which then continue to attract calcium and magnesium ions, preventing them attaching to pipework, metals etc, as they travel through your water system. No chemicals are added to the water and the media does not leach into the water.

  • Does Next™ Scale Stop still 'soften’ the water?

    No. Next™ Scale Stop does not add or remove anything from the water.  The healthy minerals remain in the water but do not form scale on pipework or critical components with the plant, building etc.

  • How much does Next™ Scale Stop cost to run?

    Once installed, Next™ Scale Stop costs nothing to run and the bead media is simply changed every 3 years. When compared to a traditional salt water softener, the Next™ Scale Stop system typically saves thousands of pounds per year in running costs in reduced water consumption, reduced water waste, reduced staff and maintenance requirements as well as there is no salt requirement.

  • Do the microcrystals stay in suspension in the water?

    Yes, for a minimum of a few weeks.

  • Where Next™ Scale Stop made?

    Next™ Scale Stop is manufactured in the USA.

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