These are examples of our projects to give some insight into our work and show that you do not have to sacrifice financial returns to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

  • Royal Hospital School


    The Royal Hospital School is an independent school which was founded in 1712 in Greenwich in London and moved to its current 200 acre site in Suffolk in 1933. The water supply and water tower have served the site well through the years, but wear and tear have had its effect and the water quality and quantity were becoming an issue, the filters requiring constant maintenance, sometimes 3 times per day. Despite the high costs, the system was only just achieving sufficient flow rates for the 11 boarding houses and 57 residential houses, totaling around 1,000 people on site. To make things even worse, much of the water from the borehole was rejected through the water softeners and Reverse Osmosis (RO) system.

    Geyser Thermal Energy designed and installed a chemical free water treatment system, which removed the need for the water softeners and the RO. The new system had proven very successful and provided a return on investment of only 10 months. Further benefits of the new system include;

    NO water is rejected, saving over 20,000 litres of water per day. Water supply is more than doubled, removing the risk of water shortages. NO salt is discharged into the environment (the school used to use over 2 tons of salt per month for the water softeners). Maintenance requirements are reduced from up to 3 times per day to once per year. Staff have gained greater peace of mind due to the reliability of the new system.

  • Nuffield Health

    Nuffield Health tasked Geyser Thermal Energy to find ways to improve in their energy consumption in two of their wellbeing centres (leisure centres) and we came up with a unique design to use waste heat from their cooling system. This system works by capturing energy from clients working out in their gym and using this energy to heat the water for their showers. The system proved so effective that the two sites saved enough thermal energy to heat 5,500 and 7,500 litres of 65 ̊C water/day respectively, winning multiple trade awards. Furthermore, the system reduced the electrical consumption on the chillers as the load on them were automatically reduced. To ensure longevity of the heat recovery system, all the controls were made automatic and did not require any alterations to the existing controls. The return on investment was only 2 years.

  • Tyram Lakes

    Tyram Lakes is a new eco resort being built in Yorkshire and when finished will comprise of a 4-star 104 bedroom hotel and 325 eco lodges. Work on the first phase started in 2018 and Geyser Thermal Energy are responsible for the design of the heating and cooling systems as well all of the water supply and water treatment on site. Using water as a heat source as well as a cooling medium, the site will not use any fossil fuel to provide heating and cooling. By focusing on energy efficiency and utilising all waste heat, the site will use 90% less energy than a traditional fossil fuel system would. Furthermore, the site will not use any chemicals in the water treatment process and not discharge any harmful contaminants to the surrounding environment.

  • The Oxfordshire

    The Oxfordshire Golf Club, Hotel & Spa is a great example of how inefficient buildings designed for high temperature heating system can be converted into energy efficient buildings. The golf course and main building were built over 25 years ago and energy source for all the heating and hot water for the site was oil.

    Geyser Thermal Energy designed and retrofitted a renewable heating system using water from one of the lakes on the golf course as the main heat source, replacing the oil boilers. As with other projects, we focused first on improving how energy is used within the building and then on how the energy could be provided by the lake. An advanced heat pump system was installed, which also replaced the need for the old chiller, which could be removed.

    By improving how energy is used internally, large parts of the year the whole system is carbon neutral due the use of heat pumps and solar PV. Further monitoring and tweaking, further improvements are expected to reduce energy consumption on site up to 75% compared to the 2018 baseline.

  • Hot Tubs, Spas and Swimming Pools

    Along with LED Sarl, Geyser Thermal Energy is the co-designer of a unique chemical-free water treatment system for hot tubs, spas and swimming pools (patent pending). The water treatment is biological and does not use any chlorine or ozone. Apart from improving the user experience and enable clients with certain allergies and skin conditions to enjoy the experience.

    The system is self-cleaning and will save owners/operators chemicals, water and money and also provides a more reliable water treatment system than using chemicals.

    Currently we are working on adding a self monitoring system so that the presence of bacteria will be detected with immediate effect (instead of the 7-10 day incubation period that is currently the practice).

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