NextTM Scale Stop

  • Does NextTM Scale Stop release anything into the water?

    No, NextTM Scale Stop simply starts off a catalytic process of creating micro crystals of scale, which then continue to attract calcium and magnesium ions, preventing them attaching to pipework, metals etc, as they travel through your water system. No chemicals are added to the water and the media does not leach into the water.

  • Does NextTM Scale Stop still ‘soften’ the water? 

    No. NextTM Scale Stop does not add or remove anything from the water. The healthy minerals remain in the water but do not form scale on pipework or critical components with the plant, building etc.

  • How much does NextTM Scale Stop cost to run?

    Once installed, NextTM Scale Stop  costs nothing to run and the bead media is simply changed every 3 years. When compared to a traditional salt water softener, the NextTM Scale Stop system typically saves thousands of pounds per year in running costs in reduced water consumption, reduced water waste, reduced staff and maintenance requirements as well as there is no salt requirement.

  • Do the microcrystals stay in suspension in the water?

    Yes, for a minimum of a few weeks.

  • Where is Next™ Scale Stop made?

    NextTM Scale Stop is manufactured in the USA.

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