At Geyser Thermal Energy, we are committed to delivering high quality thermal energy and water solutions as key elements in the transition to sustainable industry, infrastructure, built environment and agriculture.
Using our extensive, ever growing cross sector knowledge, we realise customised solutions for customer world wide, helping them to use and re-use energy and water as efficiently as possible.  After all, the less you use, the less you need to produce.
Our solutions can be retrofitted or designed into a new build, have surprisingly rapid return on investment through the drastically reduced operating costs.

We approach things differently

“I am a firm believer that the Earth’s resources should not be wasted. Energy and water efficiencies should be higher on the agenda than cheaper fuel. After all, if there is a leak in the fuel tank of your car, do you drive around looking for cheap fuel or do you fix the leak? Today most homes and businesses waste an enormous amount of energy and water, which can be prevented. With tried and tested technologies along with education, we help our clients to stop throwing away valuable resources and become sustainable and efficient”

– Lolli Olafsson, Founder & CEO

Award winning thermal energy company

The rising cost and availability of energy is an undeniable global concern for the future. Many initiatives focus on finding new ways to produce more energy. At Geyser, we are committed to reducing energy consumption as well as reusing existing resources as efficiently as possible.

The first step for any company looking to reduce energy costs is to reduce their consumption and wastage.

In terms of heating, hot water and cooling, most businesses waste in excess of 50% of the thermal energy they purchase. This energy does not have to be wasted and can often be reused. With our cross-sector experience, market knowledge and insightful team, we can provide you with solutions designed to do just this.

We always strive to work with the existing plant on site, improving their efficiencies where possible with minimised downtime and excess expenditure, as all our solutions are designed to be retrofitted.

Our awards

2017/18 Rushlight Awards

We were delighted to be commended at the 2017 Rushlight Awards in both the Ground & Air Source Power category and the group category award for our work at Tyram Lakes Resort

“Geyser Thermal Energy’s creative and professional approach to the project has been extremely refreshing and, working with the natural resources onsite, they have removed the need for costly new utility supplies, whilst ensuring the site’s operating costs will be kept to a minimum.

Where we had previously been told things were impossible, GTE came up with creative and viable solutions and, as challenges have arisen, GTE have always been quick able to adapt their design.

I am delighted to recommend GTE to other organisations who require any help with Renewable Heating or Water Filtration Systems.”

– Dr Tim Fenn BSC, D.Litt, Sustainability Master Planner, Tyram Lakes Resort

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Thanks to our heat recovery system, the wellness centre has reduced its energy intake by over 200,000 Kwh in just 15 months, with typical cost savings of over £800 per month.

The energy removed by the Carrier chiller is being used to pre-heat water for the showers instead of being discharged to air. The saved gas alone is enough to heat over 5,000 litres of water every single day.

The solution has not only saved Nuffield Health a substantial amount of money but has also decreased carbon emissions by 56.8 tons in 15 months.

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