We approach things differently.

Born in Iceland, our Founder & CEO, Lolli Olafsson, comes from a background of three generations of heating engineers. Working on site with his father from the age of 9, he developed his understanding of thermal energy and clean water and learnt his trade as an apprentice. The business stems from his desire to protect the Earth’s resources and focuses on reducing energy and water wastage.

Lolli’s ambition and experiences form the basis for the company’s operations, continually influencing the development and implementation of our solutions so we can ensure the best results for you and the environment.

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Why choose us?

At Geyser Thermal Energy, we are committed to delivering high quality thermal energy and water solutions. With our extensive cross-sector knowledge, we create bespoke solutions for each client; often where others have stated the job impossible. Our solutions can be retrofitted or designed into a new-build, always offering rapid return on investment and reduced operating costs.

Thermal energy is a
controllable cost

What our clients say

  • "Geyser Thermal Energy’s creative and professional approach to the project has been extremely refreshing and, working with the natural resources onsite, they have removed the need for costly new utility supplies, whilst ensuring the site’s operating costs will be kept to a minimum."

    Dr Tim Fenn BSC, D.Litt, Sustainability Master Planner
    Tyram Lakes Resort

We can reduce your costs

Most businesses waste in excess of 50% of the thermal energy they purchase. This energy doesn’t have to be wasted and can often be used in other areas.

Our breakthrough water treatment solutions offer reduced operating costs and hugely increased efficiency.

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