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    Geyser cold climate heat pump. Coming 2017!
    Performing down to -18°C ambient temperature

Heat Pumps by Geyser Thermal Energy

The most efficient way to produce hot water
Indoor Geyser Heat Pump

Indoor Heat Pump

The Geyser RO indoor heat pump utilises hot and humid enviroments inside of buildings to produce cheap hot water. The Geyser RO can often be used with exisiting cylinders and has the added bonus of dehumidifying the area where the heat pump is located, potentially reducing cooling costs.

Indoor Heat Pump
Air Source Geyser Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pump

The Geyser C-Series Air Source Heat Pump is a highly efficient air to water heating system. The system draws energy from the ambient air, cooling and demhumidifying it where it can be ducted to another location while also heating water.

Air Source Heat Pump
Water Souce Geyser Heat Pump

Water Source Heat Pump

Our commercial water or ground source heat pump is a highly efficient way to heat water up to 65°C. These units absorb heat from various water or ground sources and transfers that heat to your domestic hot or processed water. The C-Series has a recovery range from 55 to 550 gal/hr.

Water Source Heat Pump

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