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    We are proud
    to have won 3 different awards
    for our energy saving systems
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    Best product in it's class
    “Ancillary product of the Year”.

Our Thermal Energy Advantage

Award winning thermal energy company and product line of heat pumps and heat recovery systems

Geyser Thermal Energy provides services and products for businesses where we identify and implement thermal energy savings. Our focus is reducing energy consumption and using all available energy on site as efficiently as possible. We always strive to work with the existing plant on site, as all our solutions are designed to retrofitted.

It's clear that the rising cost of energy is going to be a long term problem for business, and the availability of energy is seen as a major challenge for the future. Many organisations and initiatives are focused on finding new ways to produce more energy - we focus on saving energy, after all, every kilowatt saved is a kilowatt which doesn't need to be generated.

The first step for any company looking to reduce energy costs is to reduce energy consumption and energy wastage. When it comes to heating, hot water and cooling. most businesses waste in excess of 50% of the thermal energy they pay for. This energy doesn't have to be wasted and can often be used in other areas. This is where Geyser Thermal Energy comes in. We reduce energy consumption and increase the efficiencies of cooling, heating and hot water systems, which in return reduces operationg costs, (including carbon tax) and carbon emissions.

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Heat Pump Awards

The ACR & heat pump awards celebrate the best the cooling and heating industry has to offer.  At the 2016 awards our heat recovery system won  “Ancillary product of the Year”.

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Network Champions Awards

The 2 degrees network is the largest sustainability network in the world and the awards are chosen by members only.  Our heat recovery system was “Highly Commended” at the 2015 Champions awards in the property retrofit category.

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Healthcare Awards

At the 2015 BBH awards we won “Best utilities and services product” for our heat recovery system for Nuffield Health.

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