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We provide Thermal Energy solutions including design, supply and installation of heat pumps and heat recovery systems

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Extended warranty. Maintenance & support available


We provide supply only or full turnkey services

Fast ROI

2-5 year return on investment

UK base

We are based in Welwyn Garden City


Durable powder coating on all Geyser heat pump products


We believe in energy efficiency

Technical Support

You get direct communication with the professionals who designed your system

User friendly

Our systems are designed to work automatically without complicated controls

Proven technology

The technology we use is tried & tested and has proven to be extremely reliable


Affordable Energy Solutions for everyone.
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Unique Benefits

Each of our heat pumps and heat recovery machines offer a unique range of performance benefits in different environments

Our indoor heat pump for example has the added bonus of dehumidifying the air around it making it ideal for kitchens. The Air Source heat pump provides cool air that can be used to offset air conditioning costs. By allowing us to assess the application we can create a system which benefits on a customised level. Durable powder coating comes on all our machines.

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Beautifully simple energy solutions

Our services include design, installation, maintainance and supply.

Who benefits from our water heaters?

Why Choose Us

Our knowledge of themal energy systems merged with marketing leading technologies and our passion for efficiencies make us the right choice for you and your cost cutting solution.

About Thermal Energy

Our Mission

To make your thermal energy system as efficient as possible and reduce energy wastage. We use heat pumps and heat recovery systems to make this happen.

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What We Do

We evaluate each site independently and design a custom solution to fit your demands. This involves putting your heat pumps and heat recovery systems in the best place to achieve maximum efficiency.

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'ACR ancillary Product of the Year', Geyser Thermal Energy helps healthcare with heating.

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Reducing energy bills

How many times can you reduce your heating by 1°C and save 10%?

Heat Recovery Systems Testimonials

They provided our hotel with a thermal energy report which identified key areas where we could improve on our heating and cooling costs. As a business we are very gratefull.

Andover House Hotel in Great Yarmouth
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A fantastic consultation provided by Geyser Thermal Energy. They identified all the places where we could improve on thermal efficiency and reduce on the cost of heating water.

Copper Kitchen Restaurant in Great Yarmouth
Customer Testimonails

This was a very good brief and was delivered very well. It is a really-strong entry, well supported by evidence, cost analysis and efficiency savings analysis.

BBH Awards Healthcare

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