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We provide thermal energy heat pumps, water filters and water treatment solutions that are bespoke designed to be retro-fitted into the existing buildings or for new builds.

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Extended warranty. Maintenance & support available


We provide supply only or full turnkey services.

Fast ROI

1-5 year return on investment.

UK base

We are based in Welwyn Garden City.


Long design life and built from quality materials.


We stop energy and water wastage.

Technical Support

We make sure the end user understands how the systems operate to maximise efficiencies

User friendly

Our systems are designed to work automatically without complicated controls

Proven technology

The technology we use is tried & tested and has proven to be extremely reliable

Thermal Energy and water filter Solutions

Affordable Energy Solutions for everyone.
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Beautifully simple thermal energy & water treatment solutions

Our services include design, installation, maintainance and supply.

Who benefits from our energy & water products?

Why Choose Us

Our knowledge of themal energy systems merged with marketing leading technologies and our passion for efficiencies make us the right choice for you and your cost cutting solution.

About Thermal Energy

Our Mission

To make your thermal energy system as efficient as possible and reduce energy wastage. We use our expertise and award winning products to make this happen.

Our Products

What We Do

We evaluate each site independently and design a custom solution to fit your demands. This involves putting energy and water efficiency systems in the best place to achieve maximum efficiency.

Geyser Thermal Energy

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